Despite rumors that Jay-Z and Beyonce are set to make a special appearance at Prince William and Kate Middleton's reception to perform their wedding favorite 'Crazy in Love' this Friday (April 29), it appears that hip-hop's royal couple are skipping the event.

The power couple, currently on vacation in Paris, were rumored to be in talks with the Prince, but according to Beyonce's rep, no such performance by the former Destiny's Child frontwoman will occur. Her rep went on to explain that the songstress has a photo shoot on Saturday (April 30) in New York.

While Jay's plans are still unknown, it is doubtful that he would appear at the reception solo. Regardless, there will be plenty of stars and entertainers in attendance at the royal wedding, including Bollywood dancers Sandip and Jesse Soparrkar, who will be playing the last dance at Buckingham Palace after the wedding dinner, and Sir Paul McCartney, who will also be performing.

Jay-Z and Beyonce spent Easter Sunday (April 24) in Paris, France, eating brunch at Hotel Fouquet's Barrière in the City of Light.

The rapper and his wife reportedly spent $20,000 per night to rest their heads in a penthouse suite at Le Meurice Hotel. But their jaunt overseas hasn't been all about leisure and frivolous spending. Jay-Z reportedly met with Kanye West to put in work on their joint album 'Watch the Throne.'

Watch Beyonce and Jay-Z's 'Crazy in Love'
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