The video shoot for Beyonce's new single, 'Party,' was reportedly interrupted earlier this week, when a trespasser threw an egg at a police officer on the set.

TMZ reports that a "rowdy" 23-year-old male caused the disturbance after being "booted" twice from the South Brunswick, N.J. set, which took place in a trailer park. The vandal vowed retribution, shouting, "I can be a better dancer!"

Though residents of the Oakdale Mobile Home Park were invited to take part in the shoot, the unidentified heckler apparently shut things down when he returned for a third trip, and hurled an egg at an unsuspecting officer.

The trespasser was subsequently arrested, and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. He has since been released, according to reports.

It appears that the rest of the 'Party' video, which also features Andre 3000, went off without a hitch. While Dre was not seen on set, Beyonce's sister Solange and former partner Kelly Rowland were both spotted. Check out photos -- minus the egg-thrower -- here.

Beyonce's fourth album, '4,' was released June 22 and has already been certified platinum.