Beyonce has been catching a lot of heat from police for her “Formation” video and Super Bowl 50 halftime performance, which police unions deemed as “anti-police.” Now unions in Miami, Tampa, Fla., Nashville and New York are calling for police to boycott her Formation tour when it arrives in their respective cities. But an unlikely ally plans to help Queen Bey if such actions do occur.

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has offered the services of his security team the Fruit of Islam if the police refuse to provide security for Beyonce. During his speech in Detroit on Sunday (Feb. 21), Farrakhan told the crowd that he’s supporting Beyonce’s stance to speak out and will protect her.

“You’re going to picket. You’re not going to offer her police protection. But the FOI will," said Farrakhan in response to various police union's planning to boycott her tour, which kicks off April 27 in Miami then hits Tampa, Fla., on April 29.

“She started talking all that black stuff, and white folks were like, ‘We don’t know how to deal with that,’" he added. "Well, you taught us everywhere we went about The Holocaust, but we had sympathy for you. But when one of us shows some independence, look at how you’re treating Beyonce now.”

Beyonce has yet to comment on the police boycott. Meanwhile, police spokespersons in Miami and Tampa, Fla., insist that police will be providing security at Beyonce's shows and that the calls for boycotts "have been blown out of proportion."

What do you think? Should Beyonce hire the Fruit of Islam to protect her on the Formation Tour? Tell us in the comments below.

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