After a grueling tour that not only took them all over the U.S. but also plastered Jay Z and Beyonce all over the tabloids, the Carter family finally closed out the show in San Francisco, Calif., this past Tuesday (Aug. 5). And to commemorate their departure, Bey took a sweet photo of her hubby and baby girl with an even sweeter message.

"Thank you San Fran! Your city is beautiful," she wrote in the caption of the Instagram photo. "It was the perfect place to complete the best tour of my life! Thank you to all the fans that supported our show. God bless."

The photo shows Jay dressed in all-white except for his black Timberland boots carrying a barefoot Blue Ivy, who's dressed in black pants and a hoodie and holding her doll. They're clearly walking toward their private jet.

With slow ticket sales, breakup rumors and even a weird fingertip biting incident, the 'On the Run' tour still did pretty well -- raking in $100 million.

But even how much the tour has been put under the mircroscope, it looks like all Jay, Bey and Blue Ivy care about is taking some family time to recoup before doing their next big thing -- which we're sure is just around the corner.