Beyonce shocked a crowd of unexpected young fans at a Target store in East Harlem, New York City yesterday (June 30).

Kids from the local Boys & Girls Club of America performed a choreographed sequence to Beyonce's '4' song 'Countdown' at the Target store in celebration of the store's one year anniversary and the release of the Target exclusive deluxe edition of Beyonce's '4' album.

Halfway through the routine, B suddenly emerged from behind the kids on stage and was greeted with screams, tears and star-struck looks of disbelief.

After the momentary freak out session and some hugs from Queen B, the kids quickly regained their composure and finished their hard-rehearsed routine alongside the icon.

Looks like Bey is putting in work with the kiddies -- remember her exercise-advocating video 'Move Your Body' with a cafeteria full of dancing youngsters she premiered back in May to promote First Lady Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move!' campaign against childhood obesity? And it was just earlier this week that B admitted she was "looking forward" to pregnancy to CNN host Piers Morgan.

Watch Beyonce Surprise Young Fans at Target

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