BeyonceBeyonce has fans all over the world but one person who was not so impressed with the superstar is Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, who called her a "stupid person." The Egyptian newspaper al-Shorouk ran a story saying Hawass, who gave Beyonce a tour of the Giza pyramids earlier this week, was unhappy with the R&B diva's lack of interest.

"I showed her the Sphinx and I gave her a book on King Tutankhamun," Hawass said. The renowned Egyptologist allegedly became angry denouncing Beyonce's attitude. "She's a stupid person and she doesn't understand a thing and she doesn't want to understand. She's coming here to take pictures and that's it."

In Beyonce's defense, Hawass doesn't have a great reputation and is apparently known to insult non-Arabic speaking tourists in his native tongue. As the country's chief Egyptologist, he escorts many high profile guests around the famed area, like President Barack Obama, whom he gave a tour to in June.

The Grammy winner was in the North African country for the opening of the Red Sea Resort in Port Ghalib, Egypt. Her appearance was met with protest as some conservative religious groups damned her lyrics and costumes as too revealing, even going so far as to call her "satanic."

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