There are many intimate moments shared in Beyonce's two-hour 'I Am ... World Tour' DVD -- from her handmade "10 Day-Z to Jay-Z" posters to rehearsals in tube socks and 5+ inch heels. But, in this exclusive clip, the diva gets up close and personal with her fans when she performs the Destiny's Child 2000 hit 'Say My Name' all across the world.

As amazing as it is to see the concertgoers' reaction to the 10-year-old track, what's even more incredible is how Beyonce embraces every city she visits and attempts to learn how to say "what's your name?" (or some variation of that) as she travels across the globe. Much like last year, fans can tune-in to ABC on Thanksgiving night (Nov. 25) at 9:30pm to see the 90-minute I Am ... World Tour special.

See what happens when a hardcore fan proves he shares something in common with the superstar.

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