Beyonce channels the pop ballad on her latest track, 'Best Thing I Never Had.' The song is the second single from her fourth album, '4,' and is a departure from the album's previous workout-friendly track, 'Run the World (Girls).'

The release of 'Best Thing I Never Had' comes as a surprise. Following the video premiere of 'Run the World (Girls)' -- a similar upbeat anthem -- 'End of Time' leaked online, but was quickly overshadowed by Beyonce's 'American Idol' finale performance of '1+1,' a track off '4' that equally showcases BeyBey's powerful diva chops.

"What goes around, comes back around, my baby," Beyonce laments on 'Best Thing I Never Had,' a song about losing someone you unknowingly loved only to realize -- cue title -- they were the best thing you never had.

'4' comes out on June 28 via Columbia Records. The album is 12 tracks long, four of which are already accessible via the Internet, and only one cut is a collaboration. Titled 'Party,' the song features the recently reclusive Andre 3000 of OutKast fame.

Listen to Beyonce's 'Best Thing I Never Had'
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