Beyonce likes to be a tease, at least when it comes to the promo for her Diplo and Switch-produced single, 'Run the World (Girls).' After releasing a preview for the song's video last week, the chanteuse is teasing fans with a new clip.

Where the last visuals showcased a slew of women strutting in the desert and showing off expensive furs, the new 38-second teaser gives more face time to Beyonce, who pops up on screen standing solo in front of a shield-wielding brigade. As a one-woman army she stands firm, stomping her gold heels -- a stunning art piece by themselves -- before the men scream in unity.

The word "revolution" and an intricately drawn letter "B" held up by two hands pop up in the clip, adding to the Wonder Woman-like power the video is meant to exude. As Beyonce stares into the camera seductively, a headdress covering her hair, images appear that include military tankers and massive plumes of smoke, usually the kind caused by dropping bombs during a war. Women dance, but not in the sexy manner of Destiny's Child videos past. This seems more like the moves seen in Janet Jackson's 'Rhythm Nation' video.

But it doesn't seem all gloom and doom as B appears like an angelic goddess in one scene, wearing a long white gown, then straddling a horse in another white number. Abstract fashions are aplenty in the clip, a bright yellow dress with high side slit among them.

The Frances Lawrence-directed video has no premiere date as of yet. Last week, 'Run the World (Girls)' fell from its debut position of No. 33 on the Billboard Hot 100 to No. 48.

Watch the Teaser for Beyonce's 'Run the World (Girls)'