Beyonce has suffered through some pretty terrible moments on stage this year. Back in May, Mrs. Carter had her booty spanked by a fan in Copenhagen, and then in July, her hair got stuck in a fan (like an actual fan) while performing in Montreal. But the scariest onstage moment occurred in Sao Paulo, Brazil yesterday evening as one crazy concert goer attempted to yank Bey off stage.

Performing her 2007 hit 'Irreplaceable' while strutting around in a blue sequined cat suit, the former Destiny's Child star stooped down to the front row before a male fan, who happened to be shirtless (which probably explains a lot), grabbed Beyonce and tried to, well, run away with her.

Security quickly saved Bey from the claws of the crazy fan, who was subsequently escorted from the building. Being the infallible human being she is, Mrs. Carter amazingly continued her performance throughout the whole incident, and even ordered security to take it easy on the guy as they rushed him away.

That face, though.