It appears that Beyonce's impending motherhood may be pressing her to produce and release music videos at break-neck speeds.

The mother-to-be has just teased out visuals for 'Party,' her sixth video off her '4' album. The clip follows the release of her 'Love on Top' video just last week, and her 'Countdown' video, which premiered only 10 days before that. Nothing wrong with partying it up before the baby comes!

So how does one party Beyonce-style? Start by swapping out originally featured rapper Andre 3000 for a new verse and video appearance by J.Cole on the Kanye West-produced track. Next, take over a South Brunswick, N.J. mobile home park on a hot summer day for the shoot.

Then, stage a sexy backyard barbecue and pool party with all of your friends and family, including former band mate Kelly Rowland and little sister Solange.

As previously reported, Bey was spotted shooting the visuals for the video earlier in the summer and very early on in her pregnancy, if her flat tummy in that ruffled navy and white bikini is any indication.

Queen B rocks neon-colored nails and some flashy party outfits, like a green faux fur vest and a cleavage-flaunting pink one-piece swimsuit, while lounging around on inflatable pool toys next to lawn flamingos and beer bottle-filled kiddie pools.

Watch Beyonce's 'Party' Preview

Watch Beyonce's 'Love on Top'

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