After a picture was snapped of Beyonce and Jay-Z in the studio, more information is coming from B's inner circle about her upcoming music plans.

The-Dream, who Beyonce worked with on her last album, says that the singer will "definitely" be dropping new music before she performs at the Super Bowl halftime show on Feb. 3.

In an interview with Billboard, The-Dream says he's "involved in every part of the process" with Beyonce's next album.

"She's already gearing up to get ready to put stuff out," he says. "I'm sure there will probably be a couple records you hear before the Super Bowl gets here ... she's got her stuff going ... she took the summer to start recording, and now she's in a place where she's ready to start gearing up to reveal her plan."

Besides new music, Beyonce also just revealed the trailer for her upcoming documentary, which airs Feb. 16 on HBO.

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