Beyonce's "Irreplacable" became an instant hit when she told her man to put everything he owned in a box to the left and hit the road.

While many scorned women can relate to the girl-power anthem featured on her 2006 B'Day, it was one particular woman that inspired Ne-Yo to pen the track.

In his VH1 "Behind the Music" special, which aired Sunday night (Sept. 23), the R&B singer describes how his aunt demanded that an unfaithful boyfriend put all of his things in a box on the left side of the closet.

Ne-Yo says his aunt had a successful career and was very generous with the man. That is, until he cheated.

"I remember him coming to the house and him looking in the closet and going, 'Where's my this, where's my that?' and she said, 'Oh, in the box to the left of the closet. Everything you own is in that box and everything I bought is over here,'" Ne-Yo recalls.

Judging by the looks of Beyonce's Tumblr photos, featuring candid photos of husband Jay-Z and their daughter, Blue Ivy, it doesn't look like she'll order the rapper to pack up his things anytime soon.

Watch Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" Video

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