Beyonce's newfound love for social media has her fans enraptured, and the latest picture of her and Jay-Z possibly in the studio together is nothing short of a dream come true. E! reports that the photo was shot by Jo'zzy, a writer/artist from Timbaland's crew who apparently was in the studio with the pair. The picture has since been taken down from Twitter.

The photo makes it pretty obvious that the couple are planning to collaborate again, and of course, the classy Mr. and Mrs. Carter appear to be drinking wine while they work. Although the married couple are both prolific musicians, they very rarely work together.

The initial track they hooked up for was " '03 Bonnie and Clyde" which came out in 2003, so many are speculating that the new track will be some sort of 10 year anniversary edition of the song. Given their creative impulses and history of originality though, it seems much more likely that Bey and Jay will put out something brand new.


Other tracks that the two have teamed up for a few tracks including "Crazy in Love," "Deja Vu," "Hollywood," "That's How You Like It," "Pray" and "Upgrade U" (video for that one below). Then of course, there was that time Beyonce joined Jay-Z onstage for his last performance at the newly opened Barclays Center.

All in all the couple have seven tracks together -- here's to the eighth! Maybe it will even be done in time for them to perform it at the Superbowl Halftime show that Beyonce is slated for?

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