It’s every rising artist’s dream to have an A-list celebrity recognize their work. So when an entertainer like Beyonce features a new song on her social media account, the BeyHive pays attention.

The singer posted a video of her silly self on Instagram Tuesday (May 19), dancing to D.R.A.M.’s new song “Cha Cha.” The visual above showcases edited clips of Bey getting down to the addictive ode.

The Hampton, Va.-based rapper, whose moniker stands for Does Real Ass Music, apparently likes to cha cha with a Dominican that resembles Taina, as the song's lyrics describe. This track is the first song off his new EP, #1EPICSUMMER. "Cha Cha" currently has over 800,000 plays on SoundCloud and the official video has 390,000 YouTube views and counting.

Beyonce is definitely stirring up some buzz for the 26-year-old rhymer, born Shelley Massenburg-Smith. Comments on his "Cha Cha" YouTube video indicate Beyonce is the reason they decided to take a look at his work.

The playful video, directed by Nathan R. Smith and D.R.A.M. himself, shows a fun-filled confetti party. While he gives a shout out to the Dominicans, there's not too much dedicated to the culture in this clip. Nonetheless, there's a good time going down. Pillow fights, animated stars, hearts, drinks, tacos and dancing the cha cha while eating Mexican food is dope.

“I'ma tell all my boys about you mañana / Hope this is your number, I’m calling you mañana,” may be your line to holler at the ladies this summer. One thing D.R.A.M. shouldn't do is wait until mañana to thank Bey for this major co-sign.


 Watch D.R.A.M.'s "Cha Cha" Video

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