The youthful and flirty fun heard on Destiny's Child songs are a far cry from the collection of odes heard on Beyonce's new effort, '4,' which makes its debut on June 28. The passionate chanteuse has her head deeply wrapped around love, every good and bad part of it all.

On 'Rather Die Young,' one of the album's featured songs, Bey sings over a Jeff Bhasker-crafted beat that oozes some of the twangy soul reminiscent of the 1970s. The Superpower Horns -- made up of Cole Kamen-Green, Alex Asher and Josiah Woodson all on trumpets, Nick Videen on tenor and alto saxophone and Drew Sayers on tenor and baritone saxophone -- lend their skills to support the R&B beauty's vocals.

"'Cause I rather die young than live my life without you," Beyonce flows. "You know I've been in love before/ You're the first one I ever seen that burns my gasoline/ So light a match, turn off the lights/ I'm holding on to you 'cause this might be our last night."

The BoomBox will release an exclusive track from Beyonce's '4' LP daily over the next four days, completing the full album listening experience on June 22. 'I Care' and 'Best Thing I Never Had' have already made their debut.

Tony Duran

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