As reported by AOL Music, there have been plenty of words written about Beyonce and Jay-Z's new daughter in the one month since she's been born. This is the child, after all, who's already been featured in a song by her dad, been visited by A-list stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and may even soon have her name, Blue Ivy, trademarked! But if you ask her grandmother Tina Knowles, there's only one word needed to describe here granddaughter ... beautiful!

"She's beautiful," the proud nana told PEOPLE Magazine at the Runway to Win fundraising reception for Barack Obama in New York. "She's doing great!"

Knowles went on to gush about the "amazing" experience of welcoming her very first granddaughter into the family. "It's the second best job I've ever had," said Tina (we're guessing behind being a mother to Bey and her sis Solange).

And in case inquiring minds want to know who Blue Ivy looks like more like -- her mom or dad -- well, Tina reveals it's too early to tell! "She's only a month old," says Knowles. "So we have to give her a minute."

Guess we'll all have to wait until Jay and Bey release official photos of Baby Blue to see if she got her mom's welcoming smile or her dad's piercing eyes!

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