Beyonce premiered the music video for her new single 'Best Thing I Never Had' tonight at 8PM EST on her website.

In the Diane Martel-directed clip, Beyonce plays a scorned lover, dedicating a parting shot at her ex, while preparing for her wedding day. The video begins with the beaming singer toying with a white rose, wearing only a lace corset and lingerie, as she quietly sings an ode to the man that got away.

The video changes its tone quickly, however, as Beyonce's eyes take on a playful glint, making her appear less like an abandoned bride than a vengeful diva. "Thank God you blew it, I thank God I dodged a bullet" she croons, before belting out the song's chorus, throwing back her veil and lying back on her big white bed.

In the next scene she appears dressed in a full wedding gown, then down a grass hill to escort herself down the aisle of an outdoor wedding ceremony, where she finally meets her new husband. The couple cut a rug at their reception, surrounded by their happy wedding party. "Sucks to be you right now," Beyonce concludes as the sun sets behind her, before turning and swaying off in her flowing gown.

Beyonce's fourth studio album, '4,' was released on June 28.