As reported by AOL Music, everyone from Diddy to Queen Latifah is chiming in about Beyonce and Jay-Z's newborn girl Blue Ivy Carter. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Beyonce's friend and former Destiny's Child bandmate Michelle Williams is pleading for privacy on behalf of her famous pal. "This is a beautiful, precious, private time between two people and excitement is to be expected but NOT disrespect!" she wrote.

But that's not all Williams is pleading for. In a series of messages to fans posted on her Twitter account, the singer was forced to defend her friendship with Bey amid accusations that her lack of public congratulations to the new mom means that their relationship is in trouble.

Fans apparently took Michelle's lack of public congratulations to the new family as a bad sign. "Let's get ONE thing straight ... I do NOT have to say congrats to someone when they're NOT on twitter," she insisted, citing the fact that Beyonce has never posted a message on the popular social networking site.

The Twitter rant continued, "ESPECIALLY when I talk or email them all the time ... or when I'll be physically present as well ... so harassing and stalking my time line to see if I've mentioned something is POINTLESS!!!"

"My friendship with people aren't always for twitter display. Respect that and get a LIFE!!! Enjoy this FINE day!!! God bless!!!!" Michelle added to put a final point on the matter.

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