Say it ain't so. Does one of the most famous women in entertainment use Photoshop to alter her image? According to many, the answer is yes, as the internet is buzzing over a certain Beyonce photo that may have been touched by editing magic.

On Tuesday (Sept. 16), the golden-skinned beauty posted a series of photos to her official website, one of which shows her flaunting her fit frame in a bikini while walking down a staircase. She looks to be on a boat but if we know anything about Bey and Hov, it was probably a ridiculously-sized yacht.

If you look at the sixth stair from the bottom, it looks like it's tilted between the singer's legs, while the areas of the stair on the outer parts are straight as an arrow. This likely means that someone (could it be Bey?) used editing skills to alter the area between her thighs.

Of course, this isn't the first time the 'Flawless' chanteuse has been accused of touching up one of her photos. Earlier this year, there were rumors that some thigh gap magic was happening on another Beyonce image. This latest picture seems to show the biggest amount of evidence that something may have been altered.

Unsurprisingly, Beyonce nor any of her representatives have commented on the matter.

Do you think Beyonce's bikini image was altered? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.