Beyonce is her sexified self in the video for '1+1,' the sensually poignant power ballad showcased on her fourth studio album, aptly titled '4.'

Though the Houston native tends to be demure in interviews and on red carpets, she's anything but in the steamy visuals. As the video commences, the pop chanteuse is front and center, glistening and glowing in an oily substance that begs to be wiped off. But since it's Bey, she makes her subtle mess look good.

The 29-year-old shines in the intimate video, which has her stripping off a naughty see-through number as she coos, "Darling you got enough for the both of us/ So come on baby, make love to me." Water is a main ingredient here, as it flows all over Beyonce. She even rubs ice on her lips and face. After all, hot girls need to cool off sometimes.

A mysterious gentlemen appears, his face never seen, but his hands caress the singer as she melts into his body. A quick peek at the "IV" tattoo inked on her left ring finger is shown, before Beyonce bathes in a tub of flowers and berries, blows billows of smoke and even sheds a few tears during the video, which she collaborated on directing duties with Laurent Briet and Ed Burke.

Watch Beyonce's '1+1'

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