Betty Wright's latest LP, 'Betty Wright: The Movie,' sees her teaming with the Roots on her first solo effort since 2001. Her newest single, featuring Lil Wayne, traverses great stylistic distances, moving from heartfelt soul to crunchy rock to rap verses with seamless integrity. The Roots prove to be more than a competent backing band, handling the transitions with ease and grace.

"My daddy always told me to be real/ Daddy always said that I should say just what I feel/ People they will judge you because they just don't understand," she sings. Wright's range is as impressive as ever, covering sultry low-ends to Mariah Carey-esque, glass-busting highs.

Weezy does his part, delivering his customary quality verses, replete with cleverness and an easy flow: "Money bring problems, the funny thing about it/ Everybody want it, want it till they got it/ Sometimes I forget and put my trouble in my pockets/ Then hang up my pants, now I got monsters in my closet."

The album will be released Nov. 15 on Curve Records/Ms. B Records. It will feature 14 tracks, each one co-written by Wright.