Since it's the weekend what better time to listen to some dope tunes to get through your day. We did a little digging for you and selected three of the best songs of the past several days.

Last week, heaters from the likes of Tyler, the Creator, Logic and DJ Khaled were all certified bangers, our latest selections are equally formidable and worthy of your attention.

We have narrowed it down to three songs from G-Eazy, Kidd Kidd and Snakehips.

So without further ado, listen to our latest edition of Best Songs of The Week and let us know what you think of the tracks below.

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    "Me, Myself & I"

    G-Eazy Featuring Bebe Rhea

    Rhyming over pounding drums, piano keys and strings, G-Eazy gets up close and personal with listeners and laments the loneliness that comes with grinding so hard in the rap game. "And as far as I can see, I just need privacy / Plus a whole lot of tree, f--- all this modesty / I just need space to do me, give the world what they're trine see / A Stella Mawell right beside of me, a Ferrari, I'm buying three / A closet of Saint Laurent, get what I want when I want cause this hunger is driving me," he raps." The Bay Area rhymer sets the tone effectively on the moody song.

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    "Right On Time"

    Kidd Kidd Featuring Young Dolph

    G-Unit's newest soldier Kidd Kidd has had a heck of a 2015 thus far, but looks to put things in overdrive heading into the fourth quarter of the year. Fresh off the release of his F--- Da Fame mixtape, the Louisiana fire-spitter doubles back for more bonus points and comes through in the clutch "Right On Time" with his collaboration with Young Dolph. Confident and brash as ever, Kidd Kidd runs amok over the horn-heavy track, rapping "You be kicking it, I be kick a bitch out to the curb / Don't spill no drink on this Chinchilla fur / I had to wait my turn, now watch a n---- turn up / When you get this money, all these bitches turn up" and talking greasy to the opposition. Young Dolph catches a few highlights of his own, with bars like "I used to be f---ed up, but now a nigga balling / Screaming free C-Murder out that Lambo in New Orleans / I got 50 cash on me and I got 30 in this 40 / They say a n---- retarded, these diamonds look like water."

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    "All My Friends"

    Snakehips Featuring Tinashe and Chance The Rapper

    Artists crossing genres to collaborate has become quite the norm as of late, creating a wealth of sonically innovative music flooding the internet. EDM production duo Snakehips are the latest to venture outside of their comfort zone with their new release, "All My Friends," on which they link up with R&B starlet Tinashe and rising rap star, Chance the Rapper for what is proves to be quite the pleasant cut. Leaving the frenetic drums and and synths at home and opting for ethereal R&B grooves with a glint of pop influences, Snakehips deliver a pulsating soundbed that Tinashe and Chance turn into an anthemic jam. A track dedicated to drunken Friday nights out with your friends is hard not to love. Take a listen below.

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