If you thought the drama Benzino drama in Benzino's life happened on 'Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta,' you're mistaken. The rapper, Hip Hop Weekly magazine publisher and reality TV star was kicked off a plane in Chicago.

And instead of just calmly walking off, he unleashed a tirade that wasn't only loud enough for everyone but also threw down some strong words, calling the flight attendant racist. TMZ caught the whole tirade on video where Benzino called the individual 'a racist motherf---er' and a 'racist bastard.'

The incident occurred during a flight that was going to take him from Las Vegas to Atlanta. However, when the plane had a layover in the Windy City, all hell broke loose.

There are very few details as to why he was initially asked to step off the plane, but TMZ reports that it had something to do with the flight attendant questioning Benzino's seat.

Either way, his rant didn't stop in the airport as Benzino took to Instagram and used the words of the late Maya Angelou to explain his anger.

While it's nice to honor her legacy, we're not sure if Maya Angelou would have wanted things to go down that way.