Amber Rose’s annual Slutwalk Festival was a huge success. On Saturday (Oct. 1), thousands gathered in Los Angeles to celebrate women empowerment with rapper Trina headlining the event. While everyone was in support of the festival, rapper-reality star Benzino took issue with Rose’s movement.

In a now since deleted video (but Shade Room captured it), Benzino tried to explain his point by suggesting that people are mistakenly embracing ho-ism and not empowerment. “Y’all are bugging,” he said. “Real talk, I got a daughter and she’s not falling for it. So I [don't] give a f--- about what any of y’all are saying...y'all have a good day.”

Rose is infamous for her clap backs (Hello, Kanye), but the blonde-haired beauty responded to Benzino is the most classy - yet informative - way possible. In an instagram post, she wrote:

One day someone will call ur daughter a slut, hoe, whore ect for no reason at all besides the fact that she's beautiful, confident, possibly if she wears something sexy and or God forbid gets sexually assaulted (Victim blamed) Please educate yourself on what the movement is before you speak so ignorantly. Your welcome to visit for more info."

*Microphone Drop*

A calmer Benzino would later post another video, insisting that he wasn't trying to shame women. “This isn’t about somebody calling somebody names. People call people’s names. This ain’t about that," he said. "See this is about teaching our daughters that you don’t have to sleep around with men for money to get ahead in life or that you could be even better than a man if you studied and worked hard and you can accomplish anything in life without degrading yourself. It’s not ever been about what you wear. People wear all kinds of things. It’s about how you hold yourself as a woman.”

Opinions aside, Rose's Slutwalk festival was a major success and from the looks of it, everyone left the event more empowered and invigorated to fight slut shaming in society and on social media.

Check out the videos and photos above and below.

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