Beanie Sigel Last week Beanie Sigel unleashed the Jay-Z diss track 'Average Cat,' which hit home hard enough to illicit a response from the Brooklyn rapper. Sigel's recent mission to salt old Roc-A-Fella wounds didn't stop there. Sigel has become chummy with part-time Jay-Z hater 50 Cent, but not just for the sake of beef -- there was business at hand.

"Beans is coming to G-Unit," the G-Unit CEO announced on Philadelphia's Power 99 radio station this past Tuesday (Nov. 3). And although this deal comes as news to most of the hip-hop community, 50 explained that he's long had an interest in signing Beanie but was deterred by the Philadelphia rapper's former boss. "I thought that [Jay-Z] felt that he would be losing something to me, when they wouldn't do the deal," 50 said.

50, who has had warring words with Jay-Z throughout the years, said he was willing to drop big bucks on Sigel during his peak. "It was at least $800,000 ... at least with the heat that was around him at that point," he said. "I'll tell you what I paid for Mobb Deep -- that was at least $800,000 at that point. There's no way [Beanie Sigel] wouldn't have got that." The details of the new contract have not yet been confirmed but it seems that Sigel's alliance with 50 stands firm. Following the new partnership announcement, Beanie jumped in to address Jay-Z's allegations that he squandered away the opportunities he was handed, including a record label and a clothing line. "You didn't give me a record label," Sigel defended. "It only cost a couple hundred to search the name, State Property Records. I think I paid another couple hundred dollars and I patented the LLC company. My record label only cost me $700 ... maybe $750. I did that on my own."

Sigel also went on to make it clear that his fallout with Jay-Z wasn't over financial disputes, but because of a lack of loyalty. He accused Jay of not having his back at a 2004 weapons trial. "When he was on the stand," Sigel explained, "He spoke good things about me -- I'm an incredible artist, this and that. So, [the judge] said, 'So, if I was to release him today to continue to go on the Roc The Mic Tour together, would you be willing to be responsible for his whereabouts?' And it was silence ... and he said 'No.' Sigel vowed to continue his tirade against the former Roc-A-Fella CEO until there was satisfactory retaliation. "He is a crumb. I'm gonna put my foot on his neck until he responds," Beanie said. "Please make a record."