Beanie Sigel is back again with the second of three diss songs that he plans to release against his now rap foe Meek Mill. The orchestral banger “Good Night” features the Broad Street Bully spitting acidic bars at the Dreamchaser leader for disrespecting him and his rap legacy.

Over blaring horns and a methodical beat (courtesy of Bink!), Beans - in his raspy voice - admonishes Meek for trying to gain street cred he hasn’t rightfully earned.

"I tried to give you some game that Jay gave me / To make the transition from the streets to the fame / You got a little fame and tried to add street to your name / It ain't the same," he raps.

Beanie then adds, "I'm battlefield tested, wounds all over my body / Where your scars at? / Ride for my n----s, willing to die / What's your life like / Feel it in the air / Where them bars at?"

"Good Night" follows behind Beans' previous diss song "I'm Coming" where he delivered lyrical threats to Mill. In one line he uses an incredible Rakim metaphor to threaten Mill.

“I pluck you, then Rak-him, I ain’t no joke / Check out my felonies, check, check out my felonies / Sell your soul, sell your ass is what you’re telling me,” he raps.

So far, on two diss songs, Beanie has demolished any attempt by Meek Mill to ruin his good name. The Roc-A-Fella veteran is delivering bars upon bars and all of them are potent.

And it's not over. Beanie Sigel is set to deliver one more diss song on Monday (Oct. 10). So get ready for his final lyrical punch.

Listen to Beanie Sigel's Diss Song "Good Night"

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