Lil Wayne's "father" (not actually his father, though they do kiss) Baby lamented missing Weezy's "28th" birthday (he's 31) recently, because he's still in prison. "It ain't kicked in," Baby told MTV. "My family, I like to do things for him for his birthday, you hear me? This the first time we not gonna get a chance to do that...We pop bottles for him while he's gone." Oh, we hear you. As long as you're still popping bottles for him, it's probably all good. [MTV]

Kelly Rowland recently admitted that she had problems "letting a guy be a man," but she's conquered her fears. "Because I am so dominant and I am a control freak, I would go out on dates, order, pull out my own chair, and I would never see that guy again," the Destiny's Child singer said. "I had a problem with letting a guy be a man. I don't have that problem anymore." I am so down to let you pull out your own chair and also pay for dinner, millionaire. [Complex]

Mark Ronson bleached his hair. Also, he uses words like "fashion" when he's not even talking about clothes. Discussing the title track from his new album, Ronson said "It's kind of in that Eminem fashion of saying everything horrible about yourself that you could possibly say before anyone else does." We've got a few "horrible" things to say too, should we just email you so you can pretend they came from you? Ron-boy, let us know! [WSJ]

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