Since B.o.B's recent incident of skipping out without paying a $1,060 tab at Cornell collegetown bar Level B, the rapper's manager, Brian Richardson, had taken the high road and done a bit of image cleanup work by paying said hefty tab, WENN reports. "I just want to make it right by Level B," he said. "and I want the people of Cornell to know that we're a class act."

B.o.B and company hit back three $300 Grey Groose Vodkas -- not to mention complimentary champagne -- but failed to pay the waiter's bill and $160 in gratuity, allegedly declaring "We're doing you a favor for not charging you ... When we go to clubs, we get paid to come.'" The rapper's reps have later said they assumed the drinks were on the house because the server just kept on serving.

Misunderstanding or not, B.o.B's slate is wiped clean, save for a hint of an unsavory aftertaste such money tiffs can leave. Bar owner Brad Weiss says, "They were really apologetic. High marks to these guys ... " not missing a chance to give another gentle jab at B.o.B and his entourage, right in the ego, "(They) seemed very concerned about all the bad publicity."

Watch B.o.B.'s 'Nothin' on You' Featuring Bruno Mars

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