B.o.B. ‘So Good’ Video: Rapper Has the World at His Fingertips
In his new video, rapper B.o.B. demonstrates that, given a sufficient amount of swag, the global economy can make being a "man of the world" seem effortless. In the opening to his bouncy new single 'So Good' he raps, "Drinking a German beer, with a Cuban cigar/ In the middle of Paris with a Dominican broad...
Did B.o.B Skip Out on a $1,060 Bar Tab in New York?
Seems like a B.o.B took off with his crew without settling a hefty bill at Cornell's collegetown bar in Ithica, N.Y. on Saturday (Sept. 17). But was it a brash brush-off or a miscommunication? Cornell Sun reports that the rapper and his entourage consumed three bottles of $300 Grey Groose Vodka and racked up $160 in gratuity at a bar called Level B, then bailed, according to bar owner Brad Weiss..
Nicki Minaj Accused of Stealing Lil Mama’s Style
Don't you just love celebrity feuds? Nicki Minaj's barbie-doll image has been mired in controversy as of late after internet star and actor Ice-T's wife Coco accused the female rapper of having a "fake" backside. Now, as Popdust points out, 'Lip Gloss' fame Lil Mama is getting in on the hatin' ...