B.o.B has kept a low profile in recent months, but he’s about to embark on a big project for television. The Atlanta rhymer recently announced that he’s joining the cast of a streaming television series called Siege of Detroit.

Inspired by the real-life Flint Water Crisis in Flint, Mich., is an episodic streaming television drama about a team of human rights activists - both young and old - who are fighting back against corrupted government forces after the city starts turning off water to people who can't pay their bill. The series is being produced by veteran filmmaker Warrington Hudlin, who has brought such classic movies like House Party and Boomerang to the big screen.

Hudlin has launched an Indiegogo campaign for the project and is seeking $500,000 in donations for his bold television venture. In his synopsis he writes:

The narrative ambition of this groundbreaking TV series is to reveal the political and personal high drama on the front line of resistance. Written to resonate with both baby boomers and millennials, we anticipate viewers becoming emotionally engaged with and inspired by the characters and their heroic resistance.

The need for this type of storytelling has become more urgent as American enters the era of the Donald Trump presidency. Like the characters in our story, we are standing up to defend human rights and to fight the power of anyone and everyone who attempts to take it away.

We are not afraid. We will resist. Join us."

The series is expected to premiere in October. If you want to support the Hudlin's new television series, head over to indiegogo.com.

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