Social activists of the 21st century have been criticized for "slacktivism," or merely pretending to care about the issue while exerting minimal personal effort. Many put Twitter activism in that category, and B.o.B is one of them.

B.o.B hopped on Twitter and chided protest supporters -- specifically "Black Twitter" -- for its half-hearted concern about the Ferguson situation.

“So Antwon will shoot 12 people in a week and y’all be like FREE TWON!’ A cop shoot a n---a and y’all riot… ok… #facts,” B.o.B said in since-deleted tweets captured by Daily Surge. “Y’all ain’t gonna REVOLT!!! I bet y’all won’t overthrow the government of nothing!! All you gonna do is TWEET!”

The irony of B.o.B's tweets is how Ferguson is still on the news partially because of predominantly African American-led protests. He hasn't done much either; J. Cole and Elle Varner released songs dedicated to Mike Brown, the cop-slain teen who's at the center of the issue.

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