Azealia Banks has never been one to bite her tongue, especially on social media. And why should she? The rapper has nearly 400,000 Twitter followers and she makes some valid points -- and a few enemies along the way.

So it's no surprise that she went on the social networking site to express her opinions on the black community, white supremacy and other topics. The first message she sent out had to do with African-Americans.

"Society really wants to keep black people upset and confused, and feeling like they don't own anything," she tweeted. This statement could have something to do with Polydor Records, her record label, since earlier this year she threatened to leak her album if the company didn't release the effort.

"You can't beat the white supremacy," she continued. "But I for damn sure will not join them." Afterwards, Banks immediately received some encouraging responses from her followers.

"This is like the best thing anyone has ever said," wrote one person. "Yes bitch, destroy the white patriarchy," wrote another. But arguably the funniest response comes from one of her followers named Meishady. "Wait, do I have to give up white boys?" she asked.

Next, the Harlem, N.Y., native shot criticism towards the hip-hop community, taking a stance similar to Chuck D, who recently had a very opinionated conversation about the genre with Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg. "Hip-Hop is turning into a minstrel show," tweeted Banks. "It's really, really sad."

The 23-year-old's thought-provoking, yet controversial comments, especially her opinions on hip-hop, are up for debate. Although many folks would probably disagree with her, it's safe to say that a good number support her statements, particularly when it comes to rap music. Much of today's hip-hop is a show, and often times, the industry markets personalities and image, not the actual music. So the '212' rhymer does have a point.