Azealia Banks has shared a new holiday ditty, "Icy Colors Change." The rapper says the track comes ahead of fully mastered and mixed vinyl version, which will arrive next Christmas.

"It’s a work in progress as a part of a full holiday project I’ve been working on," she wrote on IG. "This song has been in my vault for so long I’m just happy to get it off my chest!"

The track is an ode to love, as Bank offers poetic lyrics.

"But now that we have grown so near beneath the August sun/Lover of mine, let's catch some shade beneath the fading trees/Of all the seasons jewels, it took/One autumn afternoon to fall in love with you," she offers on the song, produced by Lone.

In addition to sharing the new song, Azealia has been busy dabbling in film. Recently, she had a starring role in RZA's film, Love Beats Rhymes The film follows Coco Ford (Banks), a battle rapper who enlists back into college to finish her accounting degree. But of course, with only eight credits left to go, she opts to take an "easy" class which ends up being a poetry taught by Professor Dixon (Jill Scott). But as Coco tries to bring her battle rap tendencies into the classroom, she's met with pushback from Professor Dixon and her teaching assistant, Derek (Lucien Laviscount).

The film also stars Common, Lorraine Toussaint and John David Washington.

As for her new track, you can listen to "Icy Colors Change" below.


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