Azealia Banks is still talking about Cardi B, this time accusing her of using a ghostwriter on her no. 1 hit single, "Bodak Yellow."

Yesterday, after going on a Twitter rant against the rapper, saying black men are too quick to praise Latina women, accusing her of being a "poor man's Nicki Minaj" and expressing general discontent with the love she's received from the industry's black folks, Cardi B responded with a video of Banks rapping and dancing along to "Bodak Yellow."

In her latest diss on IG stories, Banks accuses Cardi B of using a ghostwriter, claiming a guy named Po’ from Harlem who is friends with Cardi's boyfriend from jail, wrote the song. Banks also accuses Cardi of exchanging sex for verses, as reported by XXL.

“They all call you a smut and say your ass is purple,” Banks says in one part of the latest video about Cardi, which she posted to IG stories. “I might get the n---- to write for me too. Kudos, dunce.” She then reiterates her point about Banks being “the poor man’s Nicki Minaj.”

She goes on, offering a sarcastic congratulations to the rising rap star.

“Cardi, congrats on your No. 1, you know? Just like you said, like a bum b---- from the Bronx like you, it’s great that you made it, you know? I’m sure it inspires a lot of other bum b----es, but, like, you know… you suck d--- for raps,” she says in the video, as reported by XXL.

Banks' feelings about Cardi have obviously changed over the past few months. Back in July, she said she liked Cardi B in an interview with XXL.

“I really, really like Cardi B,” she said in the interview. “I followed Cardi B on Instagram before she started rapping and I was like, 'Oh my God, this girl just reminds me of all the girls I went to middle school with, all the girls I grew up on the block with, all the Dominican babysitters' I grew up with girls just like Cardi B. So I always thought she was funny, and when she started rapping, I was like… 'what is she doing?' Then I heard 'Foreva' and I was like, 'Okay, this is really f----ing good, she’s not playing.' Then I heard a couple other songs and I was like, 'Oh s---. Cardi’s not playing!' And now I’m a fan of Cardi B’s music and her personality.”

We'll see how and if Cardi chooses to respond.

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