AZ has come back with a new track, 'I Excel' as he prepares to drop a new mixtape.

'I Excel' is vintage AZ, his buttery smooth flow weaving through the Cookin' Soul instrumental, his signature street knowledge content tinged with wisdom that comes from years of experience. The beat's jazzy piano loops and crisp drums add flavor to the song as well. To top it off, the song uses a Nas vocal sample for the hook, giving a nod to the man who introduced AZ to the scene with his debut album, 'Illmatic.'

AZ has been working on 'Doe Or Die II' for several years now. However, next month he will be releasing a mixtape entitled 'Last of a Dying Breed 2' as a set up to the long-anticipated album. AZ's last full length album was 'Legendary,' which dropped in 2009. Check out his latest track below.