Back during her July 2010 show at NYC's B.B. King's Club, Foxy Brown brought out former members of rap supergroup The Firm -- AZ and Cormega -- and announced that the group was officially back together. While her cohorts echoed the statement during the show, AZ recently backed up her claims, though hinted that Dr. Dre, one of the original members of the team, wasn't necessarily on board.

"It's a possibility, talks is in the works," AZ told The Hip Hop Chronicle UK. "Everybody's spoken to each other. I'll say like 80 percent of us spoke about the project, so we need 20 more percent back on board." AZ insinuated that he, Nas, Foxy and Cormega were ready to put in work on The Firm's long-awaited revival, but that even if Dr. Dre isn't on board, the show might still go on. "With or without him, it still might happen," he said.

The Firm, which originally consisted of Nas, Foxy, AZ and Nature, replaced the latter emcee with 'Mega before the release of their debut offering 'The Firm: The Album.' Dr. Dre handled the majority of the production on the 1997 release, which spawned the singles 'Firm Biz' and 'Phone Tap' and debuted at No. 1 in its first week.

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