So, if you saw last night's "Teddy Perkins" episode of Atlanta, you know it was as acclaimed directer Steven  Soderbergh said, "completely bananas."

It was horrifying in parts, hilarious in others, incredibly strange throughout, and featured some of the best acting of the year from show creator and episode writer, Donald Glover in white face as the eccentric and incredibly creepy musician, Teddy Perkins.

After the episode there were so many questions.

Why didn't Darius (played by the awesome Lakeith Stanfield) leave the second creepy Teddy offered him that weird, limp handshake? A soft boiled ostrich egg—really? Why did Darius want the piano that badly—and was he "robbed" of regret? What exactly was revealed about Darius and his own childhood? Was the episode a study on parents robbing their children of a childhood, fitting nicely into the overall theme of this year's Robbin Season? Were Teddy and Benny a mixture of Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson with Prince thrown in? Why the Stevie Wonder songs? The show opened with Wonder and closed with the hauntingly beautiful "Evil" from Music of My Mind.


There was a lot to unpack in this episode but one thing is pretty certain— this episode, no matter what you think of it, is a defining moment for both Glover and Atlanta. 

We knew Glover was genius. But the "Teddy Perkins" episode showcased the scope and depth of that talent in a season that's been nothing short of brilliant. And Glover's acting was just incredible.

In addition to the writing and directing (helmed by Hiro Murai), Atlanta should have two definite acting Emmy wins so far—the first going to Katt Williams' for his showing in the season two debut, "Alligator Man" and the second to Glover for "Teddy Perkins." Heck, just give Atlanta all the Emmys, for real. There's nothing else like it on TV.

At any rate, take a look at some fan theories below.

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