Ashanti has finally revealed the title of her forthcoming fifth album: 'Braveheart.' Inspired by the 1995 film starring Mel Gibson, the singer unveiled the name of the project in her newly released video for 'The Woman You Love.'

The former Murder Inc. signee explained that the struggle that the movie's characters experienced parallel what she's been going through. "'Braveheart,' it's a great metaphor," Ashanti told The BoomBox last week at her album listening session -- full details are here -- in New York City. "People from Europe [in the film] are bossed up [with weapons]. [The people from] Scotland made homemade weapons. So it was an uneven playing field."

Her "uneven playing field" is the fact she is now an independent artist, releasing her 'Braveheart' album on her own label, Written Entertainment. Tuesday (March 13) on '106 & Park,' Ashanti spoke about her new company as well as debuted her new video. "It was really scary and really nerve-racking going into it businesswise, but it was the best business move I could have ever made," she said. "I own my masters and the percentages are completely different, so I'm very excited about that."

In 'The Woman You Love' video, Ashanti travels to space and appears aboard a starship, as she reminisces over a troubled relationship. Her former lover is played by actor Marcus Patrick.

Check out the full tentative list of songs set to appear on Ashanti's forthcoming album below.

1. 'Mine'

2. 'Get it'

3. 'The Woman You Love' feat. Busta Rhymes

4. 'Perfect So Far'

5. 'Don't Tell Me No'

6. 'Paradise'

7. 'Three Words'

8. 'Never Should Have'

9. 'Bona fide Survivor'

10. 'That's What We Do' feat. R. Kelly

11. 'R.I.P.'

12. 'Woman to Woman' feat. Keyshia Cole

Watch Ashanti's 'The Woman You Love'

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