It's all about moving her career to the next level and being in different markets. That's what radio personality Angie Martinez said about leaving New York's Hot 97 for rival station Power 105. In an interview on Power's morning show 'The Breakfast Club', the 43-year-old radio jock said the move was business, not personal.

"It's business and people leave jobs all the time," she said. "I'm not disloyal at all. I have always been extremely loyal. I put, I don't know how many years of my life down for that company. Even the highest of higher ups [weren't that loyal], which is when I went to make the phone call, when I decided to take this amazing offer that I got. They said, 'You've served this company so well, so many years. I can do nothing but wish you well.'"

The move was really about starting a whole new chapter in her life, she added.

"It was time for me to grow and do new things," explained the legendary radio host. "I want to be on in different cities. I want to be able to grow. I want to be able to have new challenges, see new things. I want to learn this studio, how this studio works."

Martinez also said that she didn't dislike anyone at Power 105, despite there being such a heated rivalry. "I never really subscribed to, because somebody works somewhere else we have to be enemies."

Her resignation from Hot 97 is the center of a new interview in Billboard.

"I tried to really look at what's best for my career, what's best for my life, what's best for my family, for me," she said. "I had to take my emotion out of it. It was a decision that I felt was right for me."

The new radio gig at Power 105 allows Martinez to communicate with audiences outside of New York City, as the Clear Channel-owned station is broadcast in other major markets like Miami. "The thing is about the move, it's not just going down the dial," she explained. "It's about joining a team and a company that really offers me all kinds of growth potential."

Basically, Martinez felt she was beneath a glass ceiling at her old job and she needed to break it. The New York native also said she's been trying to stay away from all of the hoopla surrounding her recent move.

"People keep texting me like this is such a big deal and keep forwarding me links to things," stated Martinez. "I've really tried to keep a quiet mind about it. I'm trying not to read too much of the comments on social media or too much stuff about it in general. It's emotional enough for me, and I just want to look forward and not get too wrapped up in the noise."