In a recent interview, Andre 3000 discussed his abandoned parody project with Cee-Lo and Sleepy Brown. "Back then all the hood record labels were called stuff like Slap a B---h Records or Big D--k Records, so we made up the group name Pimp Trick Gangsta Clique. Me, Sleepy [Brown] and Cee-Lo were going to form an actual band called Pimp Trick Gangsta Clique. We recorded some stuff but never released anything under that name. It was really just a funny thing we made up for an album you'd buy at the record store.'" Can a blogger get a leak, Dre? [CreativeLoafing]

Your homegirl Snooki from the 'Jersey Shore' show once got stuck under a four-wheeler because she was checking out a dude with no shirt on.
"So one day, I was 17, and my girl came over and we decided to go four-wheeling," she said. "So me and her are driving on the road and I pass this really hot senior's house. He's outside watering his plants with his shirt off...I turned my head, and I noticed that I'm going into this bank [at] 20 miles per hour [and] ran into the bank. The four-wheeler tumbled three times. My girlfriend jumped off [and] skinned her knee. You could see her knee bone and I got stuck under the four-wheeler. I couldn't move anything just because I looked at this boy because his shirt was off." Yuck. [MTV]