Amerie's release date problems have followed her to Def Jam. After initially announcing an August release date for her third album 'Love & War,' the label quickly moved it to early September. We talked to the singer just after it moved --yet again -- to later this same month. "I was pushing for second week of October, but it's cool, I'm happy with 9/29 too," she said. "Once we put the date out there we were still trying to figure it out, but now it's gotten figured out, so it's good. There's a date out there I'm happy with."

Amerie's no stranger to pushed back release dates. Her last album, 'Because I Love It,' never officially made it to U.S. record stores after a series of delayed dates and canceled singles, though critics liked the record and it did well overseas. Even her breakout single, "1 Thing" was pushed back until the intrepid singer leaked it to radio herself (good thing too -- her label was considering giving the song away to Columbia Records labelmate J.Lo).

Despite the change, she seemed confident that 'In Love & War' would get the release it deserves. "So far so good. I don't have any complaints. I feel very confident in the marketing team and the radio department and everyone. They have a team that looks at the number and everything else -- I just go on my own vibe," she said. " has a little ring to it."

But the number crunchers at Def Jam didn't feel the Sept. 29 date either. Amerie's new project will now hit stores on Nov. 3. The singer responded positively to the new date via Twitter: "Very happy w/my album date! Got the one I wanted. So I'm officially putting it out there: In Love & War -- November 3, a special date..."

At least singles haven't stopped. Her rumored second single from 'In Love & War,' 'Heard 'Em All,' leaked earlier this month.