If you hear Jay Z's voice in a newly recorded song responding to Solange's attack on the rapper, just know that while you're laughing at the lyrics, it's not really Hov. Comedian Affion Crockett just released a parody of 'Elevators,' the 1996 song from OutKast's 'ATLiens' album, which features the funnyman detailing the reasons behind the singer and rapper's brawl.

And what a perfect song choice to joke about the incident considering the rumble went down inside an elevator. Crockett wastes no time in poking fun at Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange, as he loads the song with punchline after punchline.

"Beyonce you ain't going to do s--- / If I hit her we won't get her to carry another kid / Allegedly, according to that Internet treachery / Yo, calm down Solange let's handle this s--- respectfully," rhymes the cast member of Nick Cannon's 'Wild 'n Out.'

And here's the thing, Crockett sounds just like Jay Z, and uses the same cadence. However, the comedian doesn't flow like today's Jigga. Instead, he uses an older 'Reasonable Doubt' flow, but the song is still hilarious nonetheless.

The sketch comedy actor also dedicated a few lines to what caused the melee.

"Me and Solange was laughing eating hors d'oeuvres and stuff / And Beyonce was sitting doing nothing as usual / Solange said truth or dare / I said I dare you to take that Beatles wig off your hair," Crockett spits.

He also throws in a line about Jay Z using his wife's surfboard from the 'Drunk in Love' song to "slide" away from the younger Knowles sister. It's really funny stuff.

So if you want a break from the speculative conversations about why Solange went after the legendary rapper, listen to Crockett's 'Elevators' instead. Not only will it have you cracking up, you'll probably appreciate how fast the comedian put it together.

Listen to Affion Crockett's 'Elevators' Parody as Jay Z