A new extended video showing surveillance footage of the fight between Solange and Jay Z has been released. The visual details the singer being the aggressor while the rapper attempts to block her repeated attempts to hit him. Just as it appears as if things have calmed a bit and Beyonce, Jay Z, Solange and the bodyguard are about to exit the elevator, Solange goes after Hov once again and tries to hit him.


After looking at the photos from last week's Met Gala, it seemed like Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange were having a grand time. But this video proves otherwise.

In footage captured by a surveillance camera, the singer violently attacks the rapper when the two get into an elevator at the Standard Hotel, where a Met Gala after-party took place. Beyonce and a bodyguard were also inside the elevator.

The video shows the four getting into the elevator -- Beyonce heads in first -- when suddenly Solange comes at Jay and starts hitting and pushing him. The Brooklyn MC attempts to block her blows. She's then restrained by the bodyguard who pulls her away, but the 'Losing You' singer still manages to kick Hov. As the violent incident unfolds, Beyonce stands by and watches, seemingly not involving herself in the scuffle.

While there is no sound heard throughout the video, it looks like Solange is the only one saying anything, and from the looks of it, it appears she's yelling angrily. The bodyguard pushes the emergency stop button, halting the elevator on the 12th floor, TMZ reports. This was probably done so the elevator wouldn't open on a floor so that onlookers could witness the scene. We know how Beyonce and Jay Z love their privacy.

While there is no word yet on why this all went down, it's clear from another video that Solange was not happy at all following the ordeal. As their seen leaving the Standard Hotel together, Bey and her little sister get into one limo while Jay is escorted to another by the bodyguard.

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