Ace Hood's mixtape Trust The Process  just came out a few months ago, and he's already back with a new song and video. It's called "3 Bless," which was shot in Dubai, and it looks like the rapper had a ball.

The clip begins with a swole looking Ace leaning on a white Rolls Royce, as he mean mugs the camera. "God, family, my fans and the money is the only thing that counts," he then says.

From there, the Miami rapper is seen at a pool-party with a coupe of crew members and some lovely ladies. There's also a scene of a shirtless Ace rapping in the middle of some expensive looking whips, while he spits ferocious lines.

"I'm on a new level, it's a loose rebel / To the Dom P from a wine cellar / Got an upgrade on the time-teller / Got some Vans on, not the Margiellas / Need a pallbearer, kill a n---- with a 16 / Flow came with a windchiller, need a chinchilla, n----, too cold," he rhymes.

Since parting ways with DJ Khaled and going on his own, you might've noticed a real humbleness in Ace's lyrics, which comes off refreshing. But he certainly hasn't lost any of that fire power in his verses — that's one thing for sure.

We'll see if "3 Bless" lands on another mixtape or if it's just something the rapper wanted to bless his fans with.

You can peep the new video above.

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