How do you top having the No. 1 urban song in the country? You drop a hot remix of course. DJ Khaled taps chart-topping artists Usher, Rick Ross, Fabolous and Ace Hood for the remix to 'Hold You Down.'

On the song, Usher takes over Chris Brown's part as he sings the hook and adds his own 'There Goes My Baby' flavor to the mix. This cues in the other rappers to do their thing with their sexualized rhymes.

Rozay is on the hunt for more c.r.e.a.m. and possibly a night with gorgeous model Jessica White. "I'ma get money, n----, smell it on my gear," he raps, adding, "I wanna spend a night with Jessica White / But is a dope boy really Jessica type?"

Meanwhile, Fabo comes through dropping punchlines and picking them up like "the motherf---er fell down."

"I say there's seven days in the week, some day ain't one of them / You gotta know your worth, baby, don't give them no discount," he spits.

Finally, Ace Hood wraps things up with his rapid-fire flow promising to give his woman the glamorous life while putting it down in the bedroom.

"Keys to the whip, key to the mansion / I f--- you while counting money, I'm just that romantic / See we be Bonnie and Clyde and I keep that heat like Udonis," he raps.

In addition to the song, DJ Khaled released a 12-minute video celebrating his chart-topping song. There's one funny scene of him giving a woman some motivation while they are copulating. He's smart! He's loyal! He's a genius!

Listen to DJ Khaled's 'Hold You Down' Remix Feat. Usher, Rick Ross, Fabolous & Ace Hood

Watch DJ Khaled's Celebratory Video for 'Hold You Down' Hitting No. 1

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