There's rapping and then there's rapping. Anyone can put together words that rhyme but few can compose the type of verses that make the listener pause, rewind and play it back from the beginning like "Damn, did he just say that?" Ab-Soul is this type of MC. His rhymes are replete with wordplay and double entendres; what on the surface may seem like a simple couplet is a clever use of metaphor, simile or homonyms.

For this episode of 16 Bars, we had Ab-Soul demonstrate his skill on the mic with an exclusive freestyle. Don't let his laid-back delivery fool you -- the Black Lip Pastor gets busy. For the interview portion of this episode, Soulo talks about how Chicago rapid-fire spitter Twista inspired his first rhyme, his new album 'These Days...' and why he and his Black Hippy brethren reference each other's songs and lyrics so much.

Watch Ab-Soul do his thing in the video above and watch our exclusive interview with him below.