The Eric Andre Show is sharing a sneak peak of their hilarious new sketch, "Rapper Warrior Ninja."

For the bit, the comedian enlists rappers to freestyle as they head through an obstacle course -- with a blindfold on. This time around it's A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, Open Mike Eagle, Nocando and Go Dreamer who are taking on the challenge.

The rules are pretty simple. "There's no teams. No uniforms. Just a bunch of rappers," according to Andre. However the obstacles are a bit more complicated with stinky drawers, mouse traps, huge swinging balls and a water pit of snakes. In the two-minute clip, viewers see the rappers falling to their doom at various parts of the short obstacle course and often not being able to finish their rhymes. But that's largely to the other surprise -- there's a a joust-wielding gladiator aiming to knock them off of the platform.

"This beat is trash / Oh my God, I'm about to bust my ass," rapped Danny Brown before getting jousted into the pit of snakes.

Andre and Hannibal Buress, who also appears in the clip, gave SXSW a preview of the show earlier this year, and now it seems it'll be a big hit for TV as well.

Catch The Eric Andre Show's season four premiere on Aug. 5 at midnight EST on Adult Swim. Also, check out the hilarious clip above.


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