A couple of days ago, we shared news that 600 Breezy was sentenced to 10 years in prison for probation violation. Then afterwards, there were reports that he wouldn't spend the next decade behind bars, so he decided to clear some things up.

In a statement given to Fake Shore Drive, Breezy confirmed that he got a 10 year sentence and gave a few details about what happened.

"I did receive [a] 10 year prison sentence from my probation being revoked, because the state requested it and the judge agreed, based on me smoking weed while on a five year probation case dating back to 2012 in Waterloo, Iowa, Black County," the statement read.

The "Ain't for None" rapper also said that he's trying to keep his head up and admitted that he made a crucial error. Although some may say a 10 year sentence for smoking weed — regardless if he did violate his probation — is incredibly stiff.

"My current efforts are to stay positive and prepare to assist my team in a early release," wrote Breezy. "This was my fault. I apologize for the disrespect the system felt, but I did not harm anyone or catch any new cases. All my fees are paid, and I just wanted to be released to travel the world , move my kids out of Chicago. Forever grateful for my team, my Tt, Rita Lee, Ghazi and my big bro Drake."

If you're wondering why Breezy acknowledged Drizzy, it's because the OVO rapper said he'd help him with his legal troubles. "I won't let him sit," Drake wrote to one of the Chicago rapper's team members. "We will do everything we can."

Besides his written statement, 600 also had something to say in an Instagram post and encouraged everyone to avoid negativity. "Stay positive, man," he said. "The system is designed for all of us to fail ... I'll be back on the streets soon."

You can see that post below.

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