600 Breezy, who just weeks ago was performing with A-list artists, has been sentenced to 10 years for smoking weed and violating his probation. In May of 2012, he was arrested for possession of crack cocaine, and just days ago he had to head to an Iowa courtroom.

"This long a-- drive. The Waterloo," he wrote while heading to the hearing. "I'm about to walk in court on straight a--hole mode, 'cause if I been violating for traveling, that means I'm violating coming to court. And the crazy part, my supervising p.o. in Chicago didn't violate me, Iowa did. After five years now, Iowa wanna all of a sudden step in. "

After the sentencing came down, a member of Breezy's team posted a message and said the rapper will be out in 12 months or less.

"Breezo will be out within the year if not sooner," the person wrote. "God has a plan. Thanks for all the calls and help from his family and friends. He wants everyone to know the system felt disrespected by him smoking while on probation. They did not care that he changed his life. The brighter side is he gets to see another day, and he was living a dream while so many of his friends and family are gone and [that's] one of the reasons he did all this rap stuff."

The recent sentencing comes after Breezy's vocals appeared on Drake's More Life soundtrack, and he also performed with the OVO boss, along with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

In fact, according to XXL, Drizzy said he would help get Breezy free, but didn't mention how. "I won't let him sit," he wrote in a leaked text message. "We will do everything we can."

You can see the Chicago rapper's IG post below, as well as that second message from his team member.

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